14. Dez 2021

VNC: Innovation grows out of intuition

Why is business software harder to use than a mobile game or a social media app? And does it have to be that way? Perhaps it's because the development process itself is far too complicated. But it could be much simpler.

1. Dez 2021

VNC: The open source revolution has arrived in business departments

Many IT and development departments in companies have shed the shackles of closed source and are turning to open-source software. After all, in the course of the digital transformation, they have to implement rapidly changing IT requirements and drive innovations. To do this, they need solutions that support open standards, and interfaces to enable smooth data exchange while preventing the emergence of IT silos and the dreaded vendor lock-in – solutions that can be flexibly adapted and seamlessly combined. In short: Solutions that offer everything that proprietary software does not.

16. Nov 2021

VNC: Six significant reasons for a common codebase

It makes little sense to constantly reinvent the wheel – although this is still common practice in the software development world. VNC explains the most important advantages of a uniform code base.

9. Nov 2021

VNC integrates ownCloud into VNClagoon

VNC now enables direct access to the file-sharing service ownCloud via the communication and collaboration platform VNClagoon.

9. Nov 2021

VNC integriert ownCloud in VNClagoon

VNC ermöglicht ab sofort den direkten Zugriff auf den Filesharing-Service ownCloud über die Kommunikations- und Kollaborationsplattform VNClagoon.

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