"With Infinite Scale 3.0, we offer the most secure file share and sync solution for content collaboration in real time." Tobias Gerlinger, CEO and Managing Director of ownCloud in Nuremberg, Germany (Source: ownCloud) The Spaces feature has been comprehensively updated with Infinite Scale 3. (Source: ownCloud) ​With the new full text search, users can find needed information faster and more efficiently than ever before. (Source: ownCloud) Advanced filters make work easier for administrators. (Source: ownCloud)
12. Jun 2023

ownCloud presents Infinite Scale 3.0, the new and most secure version of its real-time content collaboration platform

Nuremberg, Germany, June 12, 2023 – ownCloud has released ownCloud Infinite Scale 3.0, the third version of its leading content collaboration platform for secure, real-time, enterprise-grade file sharing, written in Go with a future-proof cloud-ready microservices architecture. The new release further improves the Spaces feature for modern teamwork experience, offers even more security, is accessible and makes administration easier than ever.

ownCloud, the world’s leading open-source enterprise file share and sync solution, takes a remarkable step forward in business and technology with Infinite Scale 3.0, integrating Accessibility (WCAG 2.1), improving GDPR compliance, bringing many notable enhancements to the Spaces feature, a much faster and more flexible web UI, improved administration, and lots of new security-related and other functions.

„With Infinite Scale 3.0 we provide the most secure and easy to deploy solution for file sync and share and real-time content collaboration. Optimized usability with full compliance with accessibility standards and innovative functions help save time and costs and therefore make it an essential component of a modern digital workplace,” says Tobias Gerlinger, CEO and Managing Director at ownCloud.


Privacy and Security 

ownCloud Infinite Scale 3.0 packs a range of features that further increase flexibility and ease-of-use, at the same time making administration more secure, efficient and scalable.

New features include:

New Antivirus and File Firewall 

The new Antivirus ensures secure file sharing by protecting against trojans, viruses, and other malicious software. It scans files using an external antivirus scanning engine before storing them, preventing the spread of infected data. The integration of antivirus scanners through ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) allows offloading of scanning to a dedicated service, improving performance and scalability.

The file firewall adds an additional layer of security to the file-level. With definable rules and criteria, the admin can restrict file uploads, based for example on file extensions, mime types or even content. This granular control helps to prevent unwanted or unauthorized uploads, utilizing Infinite Scale’s Policies Service to check whether a requested operation is allowed or not. Open Policy Agent (OPA) is used to define the set of rules of what is permitted and what is not.

Fulltext Search with Apache Tika 

Fulltext search in Infinite Scale 3.0’s Search Service revolutionizes the way users search and retrieve files, making it easier and more efficient to find the information they need. Users can now search for files based on its content, not just in titles or metadata. This ends manually scanning through countless files and folders when looking for relevant spreadsheets, presentations and other documents. Fulltext search utilizes Apache’s content analysis toolkit Tika for advanced content extraction.


More Compliance: Accessibility, Data Protection

Compliance with Policy Service, WCAG 2.1 and GDPR Export  

Infinite Scale’s Policy Service and Antivirus Service can run actions like virus scans or signature checks and enforce actions based on conditions met within files. Infinite Scale 3.0 will be accessible and compliant with the WCAG Standard 2.1 – the first open source content collaboration software to achieve this. And with a single click, users can now export all their personal data that the ownCloud instance is using and that are applicable to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations – without any intervention by the admin. The data is exported to a json file, making it easy to carry out further automatic processing.

Easier Administration with Custom Roles and Advanced Filters 

Administrators benefit from custom roles like „admin“, „space admin“ and „user“, which come with different permissions and make it easy to configure roles that fit the organization’s needs. Thanks to advanced filters for Groups and Roles, ownCloud admins can now use tags or descriptive words to filter content. With that, you can now conveniently filter users based on groups and roles, making it easier to locate and manage specific user segments efficiently. And tools like batch or filter actions, extended group and the new spaces management will help them in their everyday life, making their work much more efficient.

Infinite Scale 3.0 features a large variety of clients (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS) with improvements like auto-configuration with a Connection Wizard using webfinger and a significantly improved web UI, which now also offers the option to share links. With Tags, Infinite Scale brings a flexible and intuitive way to categorize files. By assigning relevant tags to files, users can easily locate specific documents through powerful search functions. This eliminates the need to remember file names precisely or to navigate through complex folder structures, saving valuable time and effort. Users can assign multiple tags to a single file, enabling them to classify and retrieve documents using different criteria simultaneously. This adaptability allows for personalized organization methods that align with individual preferences and working styles.


Best Teamwork Experience with Spaces 

Improved Spaces, File Versions and Uploads 

Infinite Scale’s Spaces, introduced with Infinite Scale 1.0, are nothing less than a revolutionary way of collaboration in modern organizations. They offer person independent data-rooms which can have several managers and multiple members with different permissions. With Infinite Scale 3.0, the Spaces feature has been substantially upgraded to further boost collaboration and productivity. It also ensures that roles, access and permissions are enforced. Moreover, Spaces now allows to add Space Templates, which eliminate the need to manually create folders and subfolders when creating a new project or onboarding a new team. Additionally, the file versions have received a complete design overhaul so users can track and revert previous versions easier than ever. Every time a file is modified or updated, a new version is created and stored, preserving a complete timeline of changes. And last but not least: „Secret File Drop“, a feature replacing the former „Uploader“, allows users to generate unique links that can be shared with external parties. Recipients can anonymously drop files through these links without the need for a registered account or visibility into other submissions.

On June 27, 2023 there will also be an Expert Talk with Tobias Baader, product manager at ownCloud, covering all aspects of ownCloud Infinite Scale 3.0. Registration is possible under the following link: https://owncloud.com/events/expert-talk-infinite-scale-3/.


Developed at CERN and with the science community 

Infinite Scale was developed by ownCloud together with the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN and the CS3 community (Cloud Storage Sync and Share Services). Numerous well-known organizations have already decided to implement the software and use it, among other things, as data management platform for the digital workplace – open source, digitally sovereign and legally compliant with the requirements of the GDPR and the European legal area.

About ownCloud 

ownCloud develops and provides open-source software for content collaboration, allowing teams to easily share and work on files seamlessly regardless of device or location. More than 100 million users worldwide and growing already use ownCloud as an alternative to public clouds – and thereby opt for more digital sovereignty, security and data protection.

To learn how ownCloud can help you to achieve your collaboration and security objectives, please visit www.owncloud.com or @ownCloud on Twitter.

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