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The new 200 and 500 Suriname Dollar (SRD) banknotes won the award in the category "Best New Banknote" at the recent HSP event. (Source: G+D) The new security features include the RollingStar i+ Cube and the Varifeye ColorChange Patch. (Source: G+D)
5. Jun 2024

Central Bank of Suriname wins HSP award with secure and sustainable banknote technology from G+D​

Santiago de Chile/Munich, June 5th, 2024 – The Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) has been honored at the High Security Printing Conference Latin America for its new high denomination banknotes. They were developed in collaboration with the advanced and sustainable technologies from SecurityTech company, Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), and its subsidiary Louisenthal.

The new 200 and 500 Suriname Dollar (SRD) banknotes won the award in the category Best New Banknote at the recent HSP event in Santiago de Chile. The Central Bank was honored for its latest high denomination banknotes because of the combination of innovative security features and ecologically sustainable substrate technologies of the Green Banknote.

Innovative security features…

The new security features include the RollingStar i+ security thread with the Cube-effect and the varifeye ColorChange Patch. The RollingStar i+ Cube creates a dynamic movement effect with a color change from gold to green on the 200 SRD banknotes. In addition to the eye-catching color change, the RollingStar LEAD stripe also features a tilting effect from the note value to a star and a sandbox tree motif typical of Suriname. The banknote also features a transparent LaserCut window with an image of the sandbox tree seed. On the 500 SRD banknote, the RollingStar i+ Cube thread produces a color change from magenta to green, and the varifeye ColorChange patch also shows a color change and a tilting effect from the note value to a star.

…and sustainable technologies

For both banknotes, the Central Bank of Suriname relies on the Green Banknote concept of sustainable composite substrate technology with a core made of 50 percent cotton from certified cultivation and 50 percent European fibers from FSC®-certified (FSC-C138716) wood pulp production from sustainable forestry. This reduces carbon emissions of the fibers by 63 percent compared with conventional cotton fibers. The backing layer for the security thread is also based on recycled film material and the inks for simultan printing are mineral oil-free.

“Our innovative security features, which are seamlessly integrated into the design, offer reliable protection against fraud and counterfeiting, thus ensuring the integrity of Suriname’s currency,” said Clemens Berger, CEO of Louisenthal. “At the same time, our Hybrid ADDvance technology supports the sustainability initiatives of the Central Bank, which has already had positive experiences with our composite substrates for the 5 and 10 SRD banknotes.”

Further information on the case study with the Central Bank of Suriname can be found here.

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