Logo PR-COM Research Lab (Quelle: PR-COM)
23. Mar 2023

PR-COM establishes Research Lab

Munich, March 23, 2023 – In order to better grasp the disruptive developments in corporate communications and the IT industry, the Munich-based consulting agency PR-COM is founding the PR-COM Research Lab. It will conduct quantitative and qualitative market and communications research under the direction of Jona van Laak.

AI-generated content, stricter data protection regulations, new communication channels and customer requirements – corporate communications in IT markets are changing at breakneck speed and are influenced by numerous factors. With the establishment of a Research Lab, the consulting agency PR-COM will dedicate itself to analyzing market developments in corporate communications in order to gain new insights into their dynamics, prepare them in a company-specific manner and publish them.

Utilizing and expanding consulting expertise

Since its founding in 1990, the agency has specialized in strategic corporate communications in information technology. It advises around 45 companies with different specializations, for example in the areas of IT technology, security, cloud and finance. This includes solution providers for digital services, communications, collaboration, data, payment and platform management, and regulatory requirements.

The newly established Research Lab will dock as an in-house department at the interface between account management and the in-house editorial team in order to make the best use of the teams’ in-depth and long-standing expertise. “A key task for the next few years will be to build our network with research institutions and universities, with which we want to realize collaborative projects and achieve greater reach for our content,” explains Research Director Dr. Jona van Laak.

“With the Research Lab, we want to use our expertise to gain new insights and generate added value – for society, our customers and ourselves,” confirms PR-COM founder Alain Blaes. “We hope to gain new insights and perspectives that will help us stay on top of a complex communications arena and keep our finger on the pulse.”