17. Jan 2023

PR-COM introduces trust leave

Munich, November 17, 2022 – As part of a pilot project, Munich-based communications agency PR-COM is introducing unconditional vacation for all employees from January 1, 2023.

By offering unconditional vacation, all team members will be able to take as much paid leave as they need to recover from January 1, 2023. In doing so, PR-COM is moving away from the previously contractually granted vacation days.

Free vacation as part of the culture of trust

So by removing the contractual limit on paid vacation entitlement, there is theoretically no longer a limit on the next vacation. In practice, of course, even unconditional vacation requires consultation with colleagues and superiors: customers must be handed over and projects coordinated. A trust-based corporate culture is therefore the necessary basis for this step. At PR-COM, it has been actively promoted and lived for years. For example, the spirit of flexible and location-independent working is firmly integrated in the team through freely assignable working hours and digital tools and has also contributed to the creation of this pilot project.

Actively supporting the transformation process

So vacation requests are still necessary for internal coordination. The crucial difference, however, is that each team member will automatically take on more responsibility for the common cause as a result of the new model. Consultation in small teams to organize replacements will therefore be an important part of this, and all managers will be on hand to provide support at all times. To support employees in the transformation process and in rethinking routines, the pilot project will therefore be evaluated regularly. In this way, ambiguities, team effects and empirical values in the teams will be addressed and analyzed.

Motivating people to follow suit

“Our decision has often been described as courageous,” explains PR-COM Managing Director Martina Jahrbacher. “But we actually find it rather consistent. After all, all companies want emancipated talents who want to shape things proactively and pull together. We want to create the right environment for that.”

In this sense, the project should also, in the best case, become an impulse to convince other companies of the future viability of the concept, confirms PR-COM founder Alain Blaes: “Our democratic understanding is based on personal responsibility and self-determination. If you really want to anchor these values deeply in a corporate culture, the question quickly arises: why do I actually dictate to my employees how much rest is right for them at what time?”

About PR-COM

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