Alain Blaes, Geschäftsführer von PR-COM: „Wir sind stolz darauf, G+D bei seinen Expansionsplänen mit dem passenden Kommunikationsmix zu unterstützen.“ (Quelle: PR-COM)
23. Jan 2023

Time for Deep Talk instead of Marketing Rah-rah

Munich, January 23, 2023 – Higher, faster, further, newer – the media trends of recent years are well known. But in the future, another recipe will prove to be a success factor for corporate PR: less is more. The Munich communications agency PR-COM ventures a look at why honesty, personality and self-confidence should be among the cornerstones of any strategy.

Looking into a crystal ball is supposed to reveal the future – sometimes, however, only the observer is reflected in the glass. Communication is similarly challenging, as it is important to pick up on future trends while at the same time maintaining one’s own identity. For companies still looking for the essentials for their communications, PR-COM presents three central cornerstones for sustainable strategy development in 2023 and beyond:

1. Honesty. Increase the number of hits, play more content, use more channels – yes, the growth engine of recent years has currently lost a little of its luster. Media usage time has stagnated in recent years, as the statistical data shows. Sovereign, non-linear usage is also becoming increasingly important for all respondents. The inundation with glossed-over or superfluous information, half-truths and fake news seems to have caused a feeling of saturation and reached a mental limit among many people: the desire for honest, streamlined and informative communication is on the rise. For companies, it is therefore worthwhile to drop the marketing shells and trust in the users’ power of judgment, to recognize greenwashing and kerfuffle as such.

2. Personality. Social networks have made it possible and their success proves them right – personality provides the human factor in communication and encourages honest interaction. More and more users are living out their need to enter into direct dialog with colleagues, customers or public figures on various platforms. CEO communication on social networks is an example of this type of relationship building and has successfully established itself in recent years as a component of any PR strategy. Here, in 2023, it is worth thinking one step further and showing courage of one’s own opinion with statements that are worth reading.

3. Self-confidence. To go or to stay? A question that many Twitter activists and communications managers are currently asking themselves. As always, the same applies here: Don’t panic. Companies should make a confident decision about which channels they can use to successfully engage with their stakeholders. Chasing a trend just because it’s hot at the moment is precisely what leads to running after it instead of ahead of it. Self-confidence is also about omitting a trend – because every good strategy also thrives on the art of omission. A decision that is all the easier the more clearly goals are set and KPIs are formulated.

“In times of crises and economic instability on the one hand and increasing communication offerings on the other, it’s easy to lose your nerve,” explains Alain Blaes, Managing Director at PR-COM. “But especially when budgets are tight and pressure is high, quality should take precedence over quantity. On-point communication needs good analysis and focused strategy to be successful.”

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