21. Jun 2022

Zoho partners with PR-COM on strategic communications in Germany

Munich, June 21, 2022 – Zoho is intensifying its communications and PR activities in Germany. To this end, the global provider of business software is enlisting the support of Munich-based agency PR-COM. The common goal is to expand its thought leadership presence, increase brand awareness and boost its media presence.

Zoho Corporation offers a complete software package with over 50 different applications that are needed and used daily in companies. These range from sales and marketing to customer support, accounting and internal collaboration. From the beginning, Zoho has placed an emphasis on customer privacy: The software provider owns the entire technology stack. This also means that the productivity suite and the platform on which applications and services are built are run in its own data centers. This means customer data is in line with European standards and norms and is protected by Zoho. In addition, Zoho does not allow monetization of personal information. In 2019, the company removed all third-party tracking cookies from its website and products and closed loopholes.

With the help of Munich-based communications agency PR-COM, Zoho aims to strengthen and expand awareness of its brand and solutions in Germany as part of its European growth strategy. Particular attention will be paid to strategic and operational PR support, as well as the development of thought leadership themes, including data sovereignty.

“With PR-COM, we have a proven expert at our side to help us achieve our communication and PR goals. The agency’s experience in brand and image building as well as its specialization in complex IT topics were key decision factors for us, along with its strong network in the German-speaking media landscape,” explains Julie Watson, PR & Comms Director, Zoho Europe. “The results of initial joint projects and the agency’s professionalism have persuaded us to work together on an ongoing basis in the future. We look forward to working with PR-COM to implement a successful PR program for Germany.”

PR-COM Managing Director Alain Blaes adds, “There has been a huge increase in demand for applications that respect user privacy and comply with the regulations of the GDPR and other legal requirements. More and more people have a problem with sensitive information being spied on. Zoho offers solutions here that not only deliver in terms of customer and employee experience – and do so across businesses – but also ensure that data is protected. Together with the company’s courage to take a clear stand, the basis for a successful public relations campaign has been created.”

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