13. Dez 2023

eSIMs: A must have feature of a modern smartphones says G+D

Munich, 13th December 2023 – Every year we have new smartphones coming out with amazing new features such as better cameras and screen resolution as well as smaller, bigger, and foldable devices. One of the most useful tech features of a smartphone has been around for over a decade but is still not well-known and under-utilized – it is the eSIM. Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), the provider of the Apple eSIM, lists the five most important advantages of eSIMs.

Every smartphone user has experienced it: The SIM card has gotten smaller and smaller over time, right down to micro and nano SIM cards. Now the world of mobile communications is facing another turning point: the gradual departure from the conventional plastic SIM card and the switch to the digital variants such as eSIM. The key feature of the eSIM is that the SIM module is embedded as a chip in the device. In 2023 alone, well above One Billion eSIM enabled smartphones were shipped globally and by 2027 it is expected that 1 in every 3 eSIM enabled device will actively use the eSIM functionality. While all major smartphone OEMs have adopted eSIMs and integrated this into their flagship devices, Apple is leading the way when it comes to eSIM adoption, and this is being supported by G+D. The US models of the iPhone 14 and the new iPhone 15 are equipped exclusively with eSIMs i.e., without an additional SIM card slot for a physical SIM. In fact, in the not-too-distant future, we could have a world where all mobile devices will only be available with an eSIM.

There are many arguments in favor of eSIM technology. G+D lists five key advantages:

1. Extra Convenience

A traditional SIM card must be purchased in a store, ordered by phone or online. This takes an unnecessary amount of time and involves a considerable amount of logistics, and this is all before it has even been activated. A digital mobile contract for eSIMs is activated in minutes, including identity verification. What’s more, eSIMs can be managed entirely digitally. This also supports easy and quick contract changes.

2. High Flexibility

With an eSIM, consumers no longer have to physically replace their SIM card when they switch mobile operators. When traveling abroad, for example, they can quickly and conveniently activate a new eSIM profile on their device. This allows them to choose the cheapest carrier for calls and web browsing. Last but not least, eSIMs also offer a high degree of flexibility when changing devices: they can be seamlessly transferred to a new device.

3. Enhanced Security

Security is also enhanced by reducing the risk of physical tampering: Because eSIMs are embedded in the device and cannot be removed, the risk of unauthorized access, theft or damage is reduced. In addition, the lack of a SIM card slot lowers the chance that the device from being damaged by water, dust or dirt.

4. More Sustainable

eSIMs are more environmentally friendly and have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional SIM cards. The embedded SIM chip that replaces the physical SIM card uses no plastic at all. This saves a lot of material and reduces waste. It also eliminates the packaging and transportation associated with shipping traditional SIM cards. These advantages also come into play if the consumer changes the network provider.

5. More Compact and Stylish

The eSIM technology supports the manufacture of smaller devices, both due to the significantly reduced space requirement and the elimination of a housing opening. Wearable devices in particular can focus more on form and design, becoming more stylish without comprising functionality.

„In some cases, consumers are still hesitant to use eSIM technology, even though many mobile devices now already include an eSIM in addition to the classic SIM. One reason for this is that the benefits of this technology are not yet sufficiently well known. With our five concrete value propositions, we want to make a small contribution to putting the eSIM in the right light. Ultimately, eSIMs are simplymore convenient than insertable SIM cards. They offer more security and functionality and have the overall benefit of a completely digital user journey,“ emphasizes Philipp Schulte, CEO at G+D Mobile Security.

About Giesecke+Devrient

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is a global security technology group headquartered in Munich, Germany. As a reliable partner for international customers with the highest standards, G+D’s solutions safeguard the essential valu es of this world. The company develops customized technology with passion and precision in four core areas: Payment, Connectivity, Identities and Digital Infrastructures.

G+D was founded in 1852. In fiscal 2022, the company generated sales of 2.53 billion euros with more than 12,600 employees. G+D is represented by 103 subsidiaries and joint ventures in 33 countries. Further information: www.gi-de.com.

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