Kazakhstan's 10,000-tenge commemorative banknote is a finalist for the renowned IACA Awards. (Source: G+D)​ Kazakhstan's new 5,000-tenge banknote is equipped with security features from G+D. (Source: G+D)
3. Apr 2024

Kazakh commemorative banknote with security technology from G+D nominated for IACA Award

Munich, 3 April 2024 – Kazakhstan’s 10,000-tenge commemorative banknote has been selected as a finalist for the renowned IACA Awards. It was equipped with security features by Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), as was the country’s new 5,000-tenge banknote. The latter is the first banknote to use G+D’s innovative RollingStar patch technology and marks the start of Kazakhstan’s newly issued banknote series.

The National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK) is taking another leap forward in currency innovation. In November 2023, it issued a commemorative 10,000-tenge banknote to mark the 30th anniversary of the currency. The note has now been nominated for the IACA Award. The IACA Excellence in Currency Awards are presented annually by the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA). The organization recognizes excellence and innovation in currency production, design, security, and technology. The winners will be announced in early May. The banknote features a map of all the country’s regions decorated with various traditional Kazakh ornaments. It expresses the pride of the people in their country. The release of the commemorative note was followed by the launch of Kazakhstan’s new banknote series, the first of which is the 5,000-tenge.

Both banknotes feature embedded security elements from Louisenthal, a subsidiary of G+D. The 10,000-tenge commemorative banknote applies the varifeye ColorChange patch over a window. The patch is in the shape of a coin and glitters in direct light. When viewed through a light source, the symbol for the tenge currency appears in translucent blue and can be seen from both sides of the banknote. The main security feature on the back of the banknote is the 5mm Galaxy security thread containing the tenge symbol and the anniversary number 30. The color shift is from magenta to green, matching the SPARK Flow Prime, which also represents the tenge symbol.

The 5,000-tenge denomination of the new banknote series features the newly developed RollingStar Patch security element for the first time. Its ColourShift technology combines enhanced security with aesthetic appeal. It entails dynamic visual effects that change depending on the viewing angle, allowing the public to intuitively recognize and authenticate the banknote within seconds. The patch features a prototype design of the golden eagle and a captivating background with a mesmerizing color-flip effect from gold to jade, providing instant recognition and deterring counterfeiting.

The designs chosen for the banknote include a branch of the “Tree of Life” with a soaring bird, a DNA spiral, and an infinity symbol stylized as an ornament on the front. The reverse side features an image of the Golden Eagle, a circular Kazakh ornament, and a landscape view of Charyn Canyon, often referred to as “the little brother of the Grand Canyon”. These motifs are intended to reflect iconic aspects of Kazakhstan’s nature, history and culture, with the patch serving as a compelling focal point that complements the banknote’s narrative.

The 5,000-tenge note is part of the fifth series of national currency banknotes (“Saka Style”), replacing the “Kazakh Eli” series that has been in circulation since 2011. It pays tribute to the Saka culture, a group of nomadic peoples who historically inhabited the Eurasian steppes. The design encapsulates the profound heritage of Kazakhstan’s distant ancestors, their connection to nature, and the wildlife of the country’s vast territory. The remaining five denominations will be issued in the course of this year and in 2025.

“The National Bank of Kazakhstan is very innovative in its approach to combining banknote design and latest security technology for its national currency. We are proud to support them with our long-standing know-how and expertise in advanced banknote technology for the issue of their new series,” comments Clemens Berger, Managing Director of Louisenthal.

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