G+D announces 100th implementation of BPS X9 banknote inspection solution with Banque de France. (Source: G+D) The G+D BPS X9 is the gold standard for high-speed quality inspection in banknote printing plants. (Source: G+D)
13. Mai 2024

Milestone achieved: G+D announces 100th implementation of BPS X9 banknote inspection solution with Banque de France

Munich, 13 May, 2024 – Every banknote must undergo strict quality control immediately after production before it is allowed to enter circulation. To maintain the highest quality standards, the French central bank, Banque de France, has purchased another Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) BPS X9 processing system, marking the 100th worldwide implementation of this cutting-edge banknote quality inspection technology.

The banknote production process is complex, multi-stage, and security-sensitive, and must meet stringent quality standards. Every banknote must be inspected for the smallest deviation or inaccuracy according to strict criteria before it is allowed to enter circulation. At the end of the production process, a final round of rigorous checks must be conducted to identify even the most minute errors in the print image and security features. The sheer volume of banknotes produced every day necessitates a final automated inspection of each note to ensure the highest standards are maintained. This is the only way to ensure banknotes in circulation meet the prerequisites of the cash cycle and the need for automated machine readability.

With 99 installations in 36 countries worldwide to date, the BPS X9 from the SecurityTech company G+D is a pioneer among processing systems for the single inspection of freshly printed banknotes. Now the Banque de France is purchasing an additional BPS X9, marking the 100th global deployment. With a processing speed of 44 banknotes per second, the BPS X9 holds the world record for quality control in the Single Note Inspection. This corresponds to a throughput of more than 150,000 banknotes per hour, enabling more than one million banknotes to pass through the inspection process within an eight-hour shift. This could, for example, amount to more than 63 million euros in 50-euro bills on a normal working day.

These record numbers are the result of a combination of high-performance mechanics, high-end sensor technology and cash management based on high industrial standards. The specifically developed sensors detect and verify the printing quality and security features such as UV properties, magnetism and security threads. The evaluation standards and tolerance limits can be adapted to the specific requirements of a currency. The issuing banks thus retain full control over the quality criteria of the product. In addition, G+D offers a wide range of accompanying services, such as process control, automation, performance monitoring and a variety of training courses for its customers.

„Over the years, G+D has supplied Banque de France with systems of the highest quality and reliability,“ explains Pierre-Yves Boissinot, Deputy Director General Currency and Retail Payments at Banque de France. „The dedication to developing robust solutions has truly made a difference in our operations. We value the mutual trust in our partnership and look forward to further strengthening our successful collaboration and achieving even greater milestones together.“

“We are immensely honored that the Banque de France, one of Europe’s leading central banks, has once again chosen our BPS X9 system for its banknote quality inspection,“ says Monika Speckmaier, Head of the Strategic Business Segment for Central Banks and Print Works in Cash Management at Giesecke+Devrient (G+D). „We remain dedicated to the continuous development of our system and are committed to advancing automation using innovative technologies, to enhance the efficiency of single note inspection for the Banque de France and all our valued customers.“

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