With VeriGO MobileID, users can carry all their important ID documents wherever they go – digitally, securely and conveniently. (Copyright: AdobeStock/Veridos; image may only be used in conjunction with the press release and photo credit is required)
27. Jun 2024

Veridos offers convenient and safe mobile ID documents

Berlin, 27 June 2024 – With VeriGO MobileID, users can carry all their important ID documents wherever they go – digitally, securely and conveniently. Government authorities can now offer their citizens a modern and convenient way to manage all government documents on their smartphones. The goal is to create a new level of security for public and private use cases through efficient and digital verification processes.

Whether checking into a hotel, travelling or renting a car, verifying one’s identity with official ID documents is an integral part of our everyday lives. Instead of continuing to rely solely on physical documents and their security features for identification, VeriGO MobileID’s innovative technology relies on unique encryption processes that allow the authenticity of a document to be verified quickly, easily and electronically.

Designed as a mobile-first solution, the application requires only a smartphone or tablet and is not dependent on an internet connection. With VeriGO MobileID, users can conveniently store all forms of traditional physical ID documents such as driver’s licenses, health insurance cards or ID cards in a secure environment. Veridos presents a comprehensive digital solution that combines all types of digital proof of identity and is available to users anytime, anywhere. Prioritizing privacy and data protection needs, citizens are free to decide the private data they want to share, when and with whom. For example, if only proof of age is required, the rest of the ID, including address and other information, can remain private.

Universal and easy to use, VeriGO MobileID is compliant with standards to ensure that documents can be verified – anytime, anywhere.

„VeriGO MobileID allows users to carry all their important personal documents directly on the device they use the most every day – their smartphone,“ says Nicholas Larter, Senior Solution Manager at Veridos. „The digitalization of proof of identity as an extension to physical documents will simplify many processes in our daily lives. With VeriGO MobileID, citizens can carry all important documents digitally and securely at all times and control what personal data they want to share with whom and when.“


Veridos is a leading global provider of integrated identity solutions. Governments and public authorities in more than 100 countries trust the company’s uniquely comprehensive product portfolio. The company creates end-to-end solutions and services that are perfectly tailored to meet every government identity need. These range from paper to security printing, electronical chip components, enrollment, identity management systems, personalization and issuance, mobile ID solutions, and border control solutions including eGates. Governments can acquire best-in-class passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more, or even the facilities to manufacture their own. Learn more about Veridos at www.veridos.com.


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